Current Mission
Trials at Tamaru - The USS Roddenberry has received orders to immediately proceed to the planet Taramu to respond to a priority One distress call from the hospital ship, USS Olympic (NCC-58920).

Medical and health information from Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Abrinth.

Mission Briefs
Briefs, personal logs, and live role play logs from the current mission.

Briefs, personal logs, and live role play logs from past missions.

About Us
About our role play group.

Weapons and security information from Chief of Security; LtCmd Fraser, and Ensign Danbar.
Science and technical information from Ensign Rahael Jantz.
Ships specs, and engineering information from Chief Engineer, Commander Kulain.
From the Captain and XO
Personal messages, upcoming events, and general information from the commanding officers.

Ships Roster & Crew Biographies
Crew biographies, and listing of current assignments and openings.

Reference Library
Guidelines, maps, dictionaries, graphics.

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