Species: Human/Gorn
Born human, while serving under Captain James T. Kirk a transporter accident "blended" some Gorn characteristics into his human form. He was placed in cryogenic freeze for 120 years until his Gorn characteristics could be controlled.

Gender: Male

Height: 195 Centimeters

Weight: 105 Kilograms

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue, shifts to Steel when excited

Distingushing features:
Skin is tan, greenish tint when very angry.
Ensign Hucklu "Huck" Danbar

Current Assignment: Security, USS Roddenberry

Planet of Origin: Tombstone

Marital Status: Married eight years after coming out of cryogenic freeze. No children. His wife is Human and works in the stellar economic modeling industry. They both live on Tombstone presently.

Personality and Abilities: Very human in appearance as Gorn tendencies only show during combat and high stress situations. Human traits are very strong and has a strong presence when walking into a room. Although considered generally handsome, he displays a distance that all can feel. While normally quiet he can become quite vocal when discussing combat missions and battles. When excited his eyes turn from a human blue to a steel Gorn coloration. This transformation can also be coupled with an adrenal rush that doubles or in rare cases triples his overall strength but leaves him slightly less coordinated (almost as if drinking). Although not fully adept at controlling this he is quite proficient at raising his strength for short periods when needed. Additionally when angry his skin becomes slightly greenish and hardens to a mesh making it impervious in hand to hand combat although he is still vulnerable to projectiles and phaser fire. This "Gorn" state can not be reproduced at will and becomes shorter and less frequent with excessive use.

Unique Skills: A byproduct of the "blending" process has left him with a photographic memory and the ability to recall huge amounts of data (very Vulcan like). From a practical point of view the raw knowledge doesn't always translate well in real situations. He can draw up tremendous strength and when his eyes turn Gorn he can see in total darkness. Has extensive training at the academy in hand to hand combat, weapon systems, communications protocol (unlike politics, this is how to say it directly), and Biotechnologies. Can fly any combat spacecraft and other atmosphere aircraft and run any star ship helm position (to a large degree a byproduct of the photographic memory). He shows strong negotiation skills. Although he is not telepathic he can block all Vulcan mind melds and can transmit false data thoughts during interrogations. His memory capacity allows him to read and write 154 languages and dialects although speaking them proves challenging.

Training: Attended the Academy at age 23 EY, graduated mid pack. Excelled in Bio Sciences, weapons systems and phased array technologies. Also achieved Masters Degree in Interstellar Management from Thunderbird University on Earth. At the behest of Star Fleet Command after 10 years of assimilation into this century he attended 2 additional years at the academy after his 120 Year cryogenic freeze. This was for pilot/helmsman training and to orientate him to the new procedures and tactics needed updating since his cryo freeze.

Awards, Citations, Commendations: Various medals for exemplarily service, Star Fleet Space Medal, two Silver Stars, Air Medal, Purple Heart and Gorn Freedom Medal. He has four government commendations, three citizen awards. He is most proud of the Purple Heart and wears it whenever permitted while on duty.

Drinks of Preference: Rum, Scotch and Red wines.

Food of Preference: Frabu, a favored Gorn dish similar to raw squirrel.

Fears: He has three.
1) Spiders (any size).
2) Plasma grenades(lost toes once).
3) Bright lights, as he becomes incapacitated by extreme bright light (blinded & temporarily immobile a byproduct of being part Gorn) typically 1.5M Lumens and up, like those high powered hand held lights or from some explosions.

Disclaimer: Hucklu "Huck" Danbar is a fictional character created for an online role play. Info 2005 by character's creator.

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