Species: Human, Scottish

Birthdate: October 12

Gender: Male

Height: 6'3"


Hair: Dark auburn

Eyes: Very blue

Distingushing features: Angular features, dark auburn hair, very blue eyes, lean but muscular build. Nice on the eyes.

Lt. Commander Kevan James Sinclair Fraser

Current Assignment: Security Chief, USS Roddenberry

Marital Status: Single

Personality: Responsible, practical, and determined, and he enjoys the company of others. He can be rather single-minded when he is in the middle of a project and has to watch himself so he does not get impatient with those who don't keep up with him. Family and friends are important to him and he enjoys going home to visit with his many nieces and nephews when the opportunity arises. He's something of a natural-born story-teller, and enjoys spinning tales.

Background: Born on Earth, in Beauly, Inverness-shire, Scotland. Both parents are still living. His father (Donald) teaches engineering at Starfleet Academy. His mother (Rona) teaches history at a university in Scotland. He is the 4th of 6 children, having an older brother (Aidan) and two sisters (Màiri and Mùirne), and a younger sister and brother (Catríona and Dahy -- twins currently enrolled at Starfleet Academy). Kevan's original training through Starfleet was command-track, with an emphasis in science, along with a healthy dose of ambassadorial training. Two and a half years ago, he was called back to Starfleet and given additional training in security and espionage and sent on an undercover mission that lasted over a year (details are classified). His current assignment began about six months ago as he investigated various engineering scientists regarding a possible conspiracy. That mission has ended somewhat abruptly with the situation at Taramu when he was forced to reveal it to the USS Olympic's captain. Upon conclusion of the incident at Taramu, he has accepted reassignment aboard the USS Roddenberry as its Chief of Security.

Some interesting things to know about Kevan: No, Kevan doesn't play the bagpipes, but he does play percussion instruments. He's pretty wicked at playing cards, too. Yes, he will wear a kilt when the occasion calls for formal dress. His hobbies include gourmet cooking, reading, fencing, and collecting swords. He's a man of varied interests.

Kevan's family descends from the Frasers of Lovat in Scotland. The family badge is shown below. The clan motto is Je suis prest (I am ready). The original Frasers in Scotland are believed to trace their origins to the French provinces of Anjou and Normandy. The French word strawberry is fraise and growers are called fraisiers. Hence, the motto in French. The Fraser Tartans (regular, dress, and hunting) are shown beside the badge.

Disclaimer: This is a biography for character in an online role play; Info © by character's creator, thank you. Email: LtCKevanFraser@aol.com Updated on February 23, 2005.

The Fraser logo,picture of the badge, and the tartan graphics were borrowed from this web site: Tartans

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