Species: Klingon

Gender: Male

Height: 190 Centimeters

Weight: 126 Kilograms

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Distingushing features:
Numerous scars about the face and arms
Commander Kulain

Current Assignment: Chief Engineer, USS Roddenberry

Background: Commander Kulain was born on Qo'noS, the Klingon Home World. At the age of five he entered the Klingon Military Academy where he displayed an aptitude for engineering. He took all the engineering courses at the KMA and passed them all with honors. While at the KMA he trained in all forms of hand to hand combat and mastered the use of all types of weapons and explosives. At the age of fourteen he passed his Rite of Ascension and became a SuvwI', a Warrior.

After graduating from the KMA at the age of 16, he went to Earth and entered the Cochrane Institute of Technology where he excelled. He completed the six year curriculum in only three years and graduated with honors. He then attended the Daystrom Institute and four years later graduated, again with honors.

After completing his studies of engineering he entered Starfleet Academy. He ran into problems with other cadets over his Klingon heritage. Many cadets still harbor ill-will towards Klingons and he endured much harassment and physical abuse. He persevered and graduated first in his class, not only in Engineering school, but Command school as well.

His first assignment as a brand new Ensign was aboard the USS Boseman, commanded by Captain Morgan Bates, as Third Assistant Engineer. His service was exemplary and soon was promoted to Lieutenant. He was instrumentail in bringing the USS Boseman up to 24th century specifications. He was then assigned to a research station on Pentara IV where he worked on new propulsion system designs.

After five years on Pentara IV he went back to Qo'noS and served aboard the KDF Bor'taS as Chief Engineer. In a battle with the Romulans where the HoD, First Officer and bridge crew were killed, he took command and with guile and cunning, destroyed the attacking Romulans. He was promoted to HoD and got a ship of his own but soon tired of command and went back to Starfleet. He was assigned as Assistant Chief Engineer of the USS Roddenberry and soon was promoted to Chief Engineer.

In addition to his duties as Chief Engineer, he found time for research and came up with several new improvements in warp engine design and weaponry. Many of his designs are being incorporated in the next generation of starships.

Personality: He is a typical Klingon in all but one respect, he has a sense of humor. He likes to laugh and pull practical jokes. He even made a rubber desk for his present Captain, S.L. Sharpe, as a joke. He was mated to the USS Roddenberrys' human Chief Medical Officer for two years when she was killed by a visiting Cardassian Gul. He has not remated. He has a pet targ named Sach who can be quite a handful at times and has a particular fondness for Captain Sharpe.

He is fearless when it comes to battle and he is as handy with a Bat'leth as an Electro-spanner. When it comes to battle he believes in the Klingon saying, "Act and eat dinner, think and be dinner!" He has an uncanny sense of tactics and has distinguished himself in battle many times. He also has been the recipient of Starfleets highest honors for Gallanty and Bravery.

Disclaimer: Commander Kulain is a fictional character created for an online role play. Info 2001 by character's creator. Email: Commander Kulain Updated on December 21, 2001.

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