Species: Trill with symbiote

Birthdate: Jantz (symbiote) - June 5, approx 214 years old

Birthdate: Rahael (host) - September 27

Gender: Female

Height: 59

Weight: Lean and willowy build

Hair: Dark chestnut brown

Eyes: Medium green eyes

Distingushing features: Her face is heart-shaped, which is somewhat accentuated by her back skin patterning.

Ensign Rahael Jantz

Current Assignment: Science Officer, USS Olympic

Personality: Rahael Zahrad is a somewhat serious and soft-spoken individual, and it was somewhat of a surprise to the Trill community that she was matched with the Jantz symbiont. Jantz is a fun-loving, mischievious being with a dry wit and earthy sense of humor. The two were joined last year among much debate as to the wisdom of the match, though Jantz was adamant on its choice. The three traits they share are stubbornness, insatiable curiousity, and a deep love and respect for Science.

Background: Rahael Zahrad was born in an ocean-side township on the Trill homeworld. A gifted young scientist in the field of biocomputer theory, it surprised no one when she entered Starfleet Academy. She graduated third in her class and, after her initial posting, requested ground-side posting on Trill to attend the initiate program. Her assessment by the Symbiosis Commission was nothing special, the worst critique offered being need for a more aggressive attitude and a sense of humor. Therefore, it came as a great surprise to all when Jantz chose her and would accept no other.

Jantz has had five hosts prior to Rahael (3 male and 2 female) and been married twice with three children resulting. The previous host, a female named Losahra, died as a result of a decision for which Jantz still feels responsible. Throllin, another host-symbiont pair on the Symbiote Commission also blames Jantz, leading to some tension between the Commission and Rahael Jantz.

Some interesting things to know about Rahe: Rahe loves Terran felines and currently is owned by a female Burmese named Tassey. Jantz is trying to educate her in the enjoyment of fine single malts, though currently she likens them to drinking paint remover. She much prefers fruit-based liquers.

Disclaimer: This is a biography for character in an online role play; Info by character's creator, thank you. Email: EnsRahaelJantz@aol.com Updated on March 10, 2005.

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