Crew Roster   (download this list)

Captain: Captain Selena Sharpe
Executive Officer: Commander Katrina Bok

Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Abrinth
Chief Surgeon: Dr. Peter Bretonneau
Flight Surgeon: Dr. Andrew Pare
Chief Internist: Dr. Helen Euler-Chelpin
General Medicine: Dr Irons
Bioinstrumentation and Medical Databases: Ensign Rap Colloquy
Biotechnology & Medical Labs: Ensign Alice Carrel

Chief Engineer: Commander Kulain

Chief of Security: Lt. Commander Kevan Fraser

Science - Biological/Physical
Science Officer: Ensign Rahael Jantz
Oceanography: Will Cadet
Departments: Astronomy, Biology, Botany,Chemistry,Genetics,Geology, Physics, Zoology

Science - Social
Counselor: Ensign Mari Rose
Departments: Anthropology, Archology,History, Literature, Political Science

Chief of Operations:
Communications Officer:
Helms Officer:
Tactical Officer:

Other Characters
Reassigned: Lt.Jg Danbar
Reassigned: Lt. Commander Jerax
Reassigned: Lt. Sarah Kinnard
Reassigned: Commander Reston
Reassigned: Dr. Jeanice Webb

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