Star Trek Simulation Guidelines

Section 1: Basics

Section 2: Characters

Section 3: Plot & Logs

Section 4: Alerts

Section 5: Diagnostics

Section 6: Commands

Section 7: Positions and Ranks

Guidelines - Basics  (download this page)

The USS Roddenberry is a serious Star Trek role play. Though we are here to have fun, the role play does follow in the footsteps of concepts displayed by Gene Roddenberry. In general they are the exploration of space, the sanctity of life, and the rights of the individual and social consciousness.

The Captain and First Officer on the ship are responsible for guiding the story in a positive direction, and making sure it makes sense. Other players are permitted to create story developments, but a perception of what is allowed, and what is pushing it too far is important for successful play. Ultimately it is up to the Captain and First Officer to determine the appropriateness of any course of action.

Chain Mail (Spam) - The sending of excessive chain mail to fellow members without their prior consent is prohibited. The safety of our online accounts is sacred.

Open Door Policy - If, at any time, you have a friend, family member or interested party that would like to visit our sessions, please let the Captain know. Initially they will be expected to only watch unless the Captain has granted special permission to participate.

Absence - Situations do come up, and health and family are very important. If you find you cannot make it to a role play, please send an email to the Captain and First Officer as soon as possible.

Leave of Absence - Vacations, health or just cooling off periods do happen. If you find you need to take a couple of weeks off or more, please notify the Captain and First Officer immediately along with an expected date of return. If also possible, include a personal log to explain your time away. However, if you are a key member of a current plot or the originator of the plot, and you are taking a leave of absence or have been absent, the members of the ship are not responsible for what occurs during the time you are away.

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