Star Trek Simulation Guidelines

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Section 2: Characters

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Guidelines - Characters  (download this page)

Character Choice - Choose your character carefully, as this is the person you will be. When choosing your character use the list of species known to the Federation as a guideline. Though there are always new species being discovered or admitted into the Federation, not everyone is granted permission to be a member of Starfleet.

Character Development - Be true to your character. If your character has a fear of heights, don't let them go out on the edge of a cliff like it was going around the corner. A warrior cannot easily be changed into a peacekeeper. That's not to say it's impossible, but something has to happen to get from point A to point B to make the character real. Your character must have the multi-dimensions of a real person, no matter what species you are, but keep in mind, there are no Super Heroes. A Vulcan is not going to turn into the "Incredible Hulk", smash everything in site, grab the girl and jump over mountains and valleys except every 7 years.

Character Ownership - The person who creates a character is the sole owner. This means only the character creator can play the character, both in live play and in logs. Exceptions to this rule are occasions when the owner asks another person to play their character, or if the owner is absent and the character is absolutely necessary for game play to occur. In those cases the Captain or XO will choose who is to play the character.

Using Other Characters in Logs - It is acceptable to make references to other characters in personal logs. However, if your log includes actions or dialog by a character that was created by other person, you must send the log to the character owner for approval. A good way to create a log with action and dialog from a character you did not create is to schedule a private role play with the owner of the other character.

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