Star Trek Simulation Guidelines

Section 1: Basics

Section 2: Characters

Section 3: Plot & Logs

Section 4: Alerts

Section 5: Diagnostics

Section 6: Commands

Section 7: Positions and Ranks

Guidelines - Plots & Logs  (download this page)

Plots - Although the Captain and First Officer are responsible for overseeing the plots, the plot source can come from anyone. If you have an idea for a role play, please let the Captain and First Officer know. You will be asked to meet with both of us to work out details and assure that your plot comes to fruition.

Live Role Play Logs - Role Play logs will be sent to all crew members and interested parties after each session. These will also be made available on our web site.

Personal Logs - Every crew member is encouraged to write personal logs as often as they wish. This helps in the development of your character and can help to move plot lines along. Please remember, as during the role play, personal logs should stay true to your character and the plot we are working on. Personal logs may reference other characters, but should not include actions or dialog by other characters unless the owner of those characters has given approval.

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