Star Trek Simulation Guidelines

Section 1: Basics

Section 2: Characters

Section 3: Plot & Logs

Section 4: Alerts

Section 5: Diagnostics

Section 6: Commands

Section 7: Positions and Ranks

Guidelines - Commands  (download this page)

This is a list of the common commands you will use before dialog during the sim.

+tap+ - Used for communicator conversation IE: "+tap+ Bridge to Captain"

::at attn:: - At Attention - used formally when the Captain enters the ship or when the crew is called to order

::at ease:: - When the Captain or Senior officer calls you to "relax" after coming to Attention

<<>> - For conversations that are not a part of the sim IE: << have a phone call, brb >>

(( )) - Alternate for conversations that are not a part of the sim IE: ((have a phone call, brb))

:: :: - For thoughts and actions taken by you during the sim IE: ::swinging around when he heard the whoosh of the door::

{{ }} - Telepathic thought

< ACTION > - used mainly by the Captain or XO to denote action taking place either on or off the ship

@ - used to separate two locations during a sim IE: Away Team using @ to apart from Roddenberry. Who uses the "@" is determined by the Captain or XO.

Commonly Used Abbreviations
Eng - Engineering
HD - Holodeck
LCARS - Library Computer Access and Retrieval System
PADD - Personal Access Display Device
RR - Ready Room
SB - Sick Bay
TL - Turbolift
TR - Transporter Room

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