Star Trek Simulation Guidelines

Section 1: Basics

Section 2: Characters

Section 3: Plot & Logs

Section 4: Alerts

Section 5: Diagnostics

Section 6: Commands

Section 7: Positions and Ranks

Guidelines - Positions and Ranks  (download this page)

The hierarchy of the Star Trek role plays falls in line with the military. The authority of the Captain of the ship is absolute and can only be rescinded if proven unfit mentally by the Chief Medical Officer. All ship operations are firmly under the control of the ship's Captain and are allocated to those personnel he/she assigns.

Promotions - The Captain and First Officer handle promotions of the crew. Reviews of the crewmembers performance are evaluated periodically including, but not limited to, attendance, "plays well with others", and quality of the character being portrayed. When necessary supervisors will be included in the evaluation of crew members.

Vice Admiral
Rear Admiral
Captain (Cpt)
First Officer (XO or Cmdr)
Commander (Cmdr) - note: Commander or CO is the highest ranking officer for Starbases
Lt. Commander (LtCmdr)
Lieutenant (Lt)
First Lieutenant (FstLT)
Lieutenant Junior Grade (LtJg)
Ensign (Ens)
Cadet (Cdt)
Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO)
Chief Petty Officer (CPO)
Petty Officer (PO)
Crewperson (Crw)

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