Planetary Classifications

Class A - Geothermal

Class B - Geomorteus

Class C - Geoinactive

Class D - Asteriod/Moon

Class E - Geoplastic

Class F - Geometallic

Class G - Geocrystalline

Class H - Desert

Class I - Gas Supergiant

Class J - Gas Giant

Class K - Adaptable

Class L - Marginal

Class M - Terrestrial

Class N - Reducing

Class O - Plegaic

Class P - Glaciated

Class Q - Variable

Class R - Rogue

Class S - Ultragiant

Class T - Ultragiant

Class Y - Demon

Planetary Classifications

These are the letter classifications assigned to planets in the Star Trek universe. This information is provided as reference for our role play group, and is neither a scientific or Star Trek 'bible' on the subject.

The system is centered around Earth-type planets, which bear the letter M. Planets near the letter M are more likely to support humanoid life forms, while planets classified further from the letter M are less likely to support has life as we know it.

Planets of the class L, M, O, and P are suitable for humanoid colonization. Class K planets are adaptable for humanoid life via the use of pressurized domes. Other planet classes may sustain plant life as well as non-humanoid life forms, but generally are not adaptable to humanoids.

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