Planetary Classifications

Class A - Geothermal

Class B - Geomorteus

Class C - Geoinactive

Class D - Asteriod/Moon

Class E - Geoplastic

Class F - Geometallic

Class G - Geocrystalline

Class H - Desert

Class I - Gas Supergiant

Class J - Gas Giant

Class K - Adaptable

Class L - Marginal

Class M - Terrestrial

Class N - Reducing

Class O - Plegaic

Class P - Glaciated

Class Q - Variable

Class R - Rogue

Class S - Ultragiant

Class T - Ultragiant

Class Y - Demon

Class Y - Demon

Age: 2-10 billion years

Diameter: 10,000 - 50,000 km

Location: Hot, Ecosphere, and Cold Zones

Surface: Temperatures can exceed 500K

Atmosphere: Turbulent, saturated with toxic chemicals and thermionic radiation

Life-Forms: Mimetic (Delta Quadrant)

Found in all star zones, Class Y planets are extremely inhospitable worlds. When encountered by scouting vessels they should be given a wide berth. Surface temperatures can exceed those of volcanic worlds, being in the range of 300 to 500 C. The atmosphere contains toxic unbreathable gases, and at certain geological locations emit lethal levels of thermionic radiation.

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